Here are few downloads and links to projects that I've created, that you may find useful


CookMe (Android)

My first React Native app, published for Android on Google Play Store. CookMe is designed to simplify the process of planning and executing meal preparation when cooking meals with many steps or ingredients.

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KProcView (Windows)

This program tries to enumerate all running processes using the kernel-side NT API ZwQuerySystemInformation. This is useful for trying to detect rootkits which patch the user-side Win32 APIs for detecting processes. It also enumerates lots of other information about those processes, such as loaded modules, thread information, window information and more! It also provides other additional functionality, including a technique for killing protected system processes.

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CDSA - GitHub

CDSA is the name given to my home-grown legacy tiered architecture, written in C#. It uses CodeSmith templates to generate 4 C# projects (BLL, DDL, DML, SQLDAL) for a given database to enable rapid development in a tiered fashion.

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ChunkingRedisClient - GitHub

A C# library which implements various wrappers around the StackExchange.Redis client, specifically using Newtonsoft.Json serialisation; Such as streamed reading/writing and sliding expiration.

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CwCodeLib - GitHub

CwCodeLib is a growing collection of useful C# utility classes organised as a Visual Studio Shared Project.

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DotNetMap - GitHub

.NET class library for dealing with mapping/geospatial data

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Subspawn - GitHub

An npm library for spawning (and killing) synchronous and asynchronous sub processes from node.

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TestDataDefinitionFramework - GitHub

C# framework to abstract test data definition from the backing store so that the same set of tests can be run in memory and against a real data resource.

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CodeMaid Settings

My preferred settings for the CodeMaid Visual Studio AddOn

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VS Font and Colour Settings

Import this settings file into Microsoft Visual Studio for a nice colour scheme.

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A batch file which automates the addition of an entry into the Windows hosts file.

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